The next TSC meeting is scheduled on November 14th, 2019 at 9:00a Pacific with the following agenda:

Attendees & Representation

TSC Members: 

LF Staff: Casey Cain

Others: Daniel De La Rosa ( Release Manager ), Thanh Ha (zxiiro)


Projects Under TSC Purview

Topic 1: What are the criteria to have a project under the TSC purview? 

The minimum criteria is: 

  • These projects have no active committers. Implicitly having no active committers also means that the project has no objections to be under the TSC purview. In most such cases, the project would likely be archived if it was not put under TSC purview. 
  • The TSC should think that the project is important enough to make it under TSC purview. Instead of specifying specific rules for what is an important project, I think this should be decided on a case by case basis by a TSC vote. 
  • A project whose all committers are planning to become inactive - can also petition that the project be placed under the TSC purview. The TSC may or may not accept the project to be under TSC purview depending on the TSC vote.  
  • The above should be the minimum criteria. Not all the projects which satisfy the above two criteria should be put under the TSC purview. Whether a particular project should be under the TSC purview, should be decided by a TSC vote. 
  • TSC Purview only means that the TSC members are committers on the project and has no other meaning.

Topic 2: Should the TSC be committers on a project under TSC purview? 

Topic 3: Does the TSC agree that DLUX should be under the TSC purview?

Topic 4: Does the TSC agree that L2Switch should be under the TSC purview?

Mailing Lists

Topic 5: Release Magnesium CSIT and Neon SR3

Magnesium CSIT Checkpoint  : has been agreed that it is done.

Neon SR3: Daniel De La Rosa to remind projects about Neon SR3

Future TSC Votes
  • Centralized TSC votes should be done going forward here: Resolutions
  • Advantages: centralized, record of the vote is available and searchable.
  • Discussions should separated from the vote.

Action Items

  • Type your task here, using "@" to assign to a user and "//" to select a due date
  • Abhijit Kumbhare to review Mailing list mapping proposal and try to create a template mapping that everyone/projects will need to contribute to. 
  • Casey Cain to create a mailing list for Plastic project 
  • Daniel De La Rosa to remind projects about Neon SR3 today  

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