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Attendees & Representation

TSC Members: 

Abhijit Kumbhare Hema Gopalakrishnan Venkatrangan Tejas Nevrekar  Luis Gomez Jamo Luhrsen Robert Varga  Balaji Varadaraju

LF Staff: Casey Cain

Others: Daniel De La Rosa ( Release Manager ), Thanh Ha, Manoj Chokka


TAC Representative Elections

Ballots recast - TSC members please vote on the recast ballots.


No TSC meeting on Dec 26 and Jan 2 - LF has holidays between Dec 21 and Jan 5.

TSC Meetings Time 
  • Future meetings alternate times - Thursdays 10 pm Pacific & 9 am Pacific
  • Next meeting 10 pm Pacific on Dec 12; the following meeting Dec 19 at 9 am Pacific.
Process to collect patches for Service Releases
  • How to have patches reviewed & merged in a timely manner?
  • Some projects have too few committers.
  • We need to come up with a proposal for process for the SRs. Daniel De La Rosa plans to work on a proposal for this.
Stripped Down ODL & Horizontal Scaling
  • An ongoing meeting to be scheduled around this topic.
  • Neon SR3:
    • There are a list of patches that need to be reviewed/merged. Daniel De La Rosais following up.
    • The date was Dec 4. So we need this to be done immediately.
  • Magnesium Middle Checkpoint (Jan 6)
    • The TSC meeting that week will be Jan 9 - so we will follow up then.
  • Neutron release plan not present - need to follow up with Achuth for this. Hema Gopalakrishnanwill talk with Achuth Maniyedath.

Action Items

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