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March 4th, 2020; 10 pm Pacific


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  • Magnesium being blocked by 
    • OPNFLWPLUG-1085 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • bug is fixed and merged. need to just close the jira
    • BGPCEP-365 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • it looks like we will have a delay in release
    • autorelease seems healthy
    • 5th and final issue in  INTTEST-68 - Getting issue details... STATUS  has a fix in place and just needs to be merged
    • beyond bgpcep-365, we'll need a passing autorelease to use as a release candidate then hope there are no surprises in the distribution-test job


  • Jenkins plugins had some updates recently and there were some hiccups, but all seem to be resolved now. Any missing plugins found to be missing can be addressed with a ticket to LF helpdesk
    • problems seem to come because lots of plugins were pinned to specific versions which caused dependency failures when everything was unpinned
  • Thanh Ha (zxiiro) notes  Latest version of robot framework will cause some problems with jenkins
  • CSIT jobs are also now collecting logs after a few days without

  • ODL Plastic is blocked because their staging repos are unable to close due to a nexus IQ check. releases version is 2.1.7, but the block seems to be reporting against released version 2.1.6
    • also, new check to prevent these releases seems to be a new restriction that was introduced recently, but we are unsure if this was on purpose and/or was not communicated
    • Anil Belur notes that the plastic issue is security related.


  • The release schedule will be updated to reflect what is now being worked on in latest docs page

Action Items

  • Anil Belur to figure out how the nexus IQ check was enabled and if it was on purpose, and hopefully report to TSC in tomorrow's meeting
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