Date & Time

March 18th, 2020; 9 pm Pacific


  • Release
  • Infra
  • Docs
  • Misc



  • Magnesium:
    • Vote is under way here w/ 6 TSC member votes, which is enough.
    • we only expect transportpce and detnet to join from self-managed projects and do not expect much delay
  • A new page describing the release manager process/job-description has been created. That page can contain a checklist to remind us all the details that need to be handled when a release is done.
  • Aluminium:

    • some projects have already released their release plans, and all projects should be done within a week.
    • aluminium Jira dashboard not yet created
    • release integrated checkpoint is 4/13


  • jenkins was offline this past week to bring in more storage


  • release schedule patch needs to be merged


Action Items

  •  Anil Belur to post the artifacts to nexus
  • Daniel De La Rosa to prepare a small release checklist (updating docs like release downloads, updating the platform versions, put artifacts to nexus, get self managed projects figured out, etc.)
  • Luis Gomez to start self-managed process once the release artifacts are posted to nexus
  • Jamo Luhrsen to review/merge new release schedule
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