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April, 29, 2020; 9pm PST


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  • Magnesium seems to be on track and it's time to lock the branch since there are no blocker bugs
    • there is one blocker bug for magnesium release, but it's not in a managed project so we don't need to wait for it.
    • after the branch is blocked and any final merge jobs have had time to finish, we can pick up the NEXT successful autorelease to try to make it a release candidate
  • Aluminium is delayed by at least two weeks while MRI versions are being delivered and upgraded
    • some projects still working on this (e.g., genius)
    • need to merge this int/dist patch




  • we noticed that the release version options on our ODL readthedocs doc page was missing this past week or so. That seems to have been resolved now.

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