Date & Time

May 13th, 2020; 9pm PST


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  • Magnesium SR1 managed release is done.
  • Aluminium still a work in progress, with 4 projects still working on release integrated changes
  • Sodium SR3 is scheduled for the end of the month
    • some MRI updates coming this week
    • at least one blocker bug NETCONF-686 and possibly  OPNFLWPLUG-1090 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • if the blocker bugs are fixed by late next week, and MRI work is done we can probably get Sodium locked and possibly release close to the schedule (May 28th)


  • odlguice source code migrated to the new project along with it's history.
  • sonarcloud patches are in progress, but Anil is waiting for Robert's confirmation
  • super committer info here
  • Anil is asking for all requests from LF go through help desk tickets instead of email

  • We want to remove CSIT jobs from distribution test job that are always being marked IGNORE
    release to release.
  • Plan will be to send an email to projects with broken/ignored CSIT if it's been that way for
    2+ releases
    • one example is the bgpcep 3node tests
    • openflow bundle csit
    • netvirt has a lot of jobs that are always failing as well


  • upstream opendaylight docs will have a few changes needed as the releases hit the door


  • neutron northbound has no response from PTL, no active committers...

Action Items

Anil Belur will be publishing the Mg SR1 release artifacts

Daniel De La Rosa will take care of emailing self managed projects once Anil is done with the managed release process

Jamo Luhrsen will send a global email about plan to remove CSIT jobs

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