Date & Time

May, 20th, 2020; 9pm PST


  • Release
  • Infra
  • Docs
  • Misc



  • Sodium SR3.. we will move ahead with code freeze as scheduled and produce an SR4 if needed
  • Magnesium SR1 is out and fully released.
    • need some docs updates
  • Aluminium is still waiting on genius, openflowplugin, netvirt and lispflowmapping



  • david baugher to cherry pick the docs patch for downloads from master to stable/magnesium
  • also note on the release schedule the actual release date


  • removing bgpcep jobs for now so they will not run and bother us during the release process
  • the current plan is to block the wiki-archive from being indexed by search engines so the old pages will not show up
    in searches. Ideally we would get those pages migrated to the new confluence pages, but realistically that is not going
    to happen.
  • Idea to have a virtual DDF hackfest. ideas:
    • fill in basic info for all projects in confluence
  • Srinivas is wondering how to get the odltools released so the new changes can be there when a pip install is done.

Action Items

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