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July, 22nd, 2020; 9pm PST


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  • Mg-SR2 had a blocker bug in an MRI. The bug is fixed but now we need an MRI bump
    • Jamo Luhrsen waiting on super committer rights to finish the version bump
    • release is delayed by aprox a week now... original date was  
  • Aluminium no longer has project blocker bugs, but some failures we think are due to
    test code bugs. Ideally those can get fixed as well.  is Aluminium code freeze
  • Sodium SR4 is hopefully on track for the end of August  for SR4 code freeze


  • All infrastructure issues are believed to have been resolved now that global-jjb has been
    updated and the race condition for port delete has been resolved
  • looks like our effort to reduce job costs in the past month or two has been successful and
    we may see further reduction after a full month of jobs from recent changes


  • no updates this week


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