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August, 19th, 2020; 9pm PST


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  • Aluminium .  is Aluminium code freeze
    • last 6 autorelease has all failed
      • acutally, the last autorelease passed the build, but some signing cert failure makes the jenkins job mark as aborted
    • 2 blocker bugs
    • 2 bugs on INTTEST project that we can hopefully fix before the release
  • Sodium SR4 is hopefully on track for the end of August  for SR4 release SR4 checklist
    • looks like the last 3 failing jobs might be intermittent failures and not regressions. Jamo Luhrsenwill double check today and if all is well, we can release SR4 this week
  • Silicon release started
    • the vote for the schedule has passed
  • Magnesium SR2 is out and docs are updated. SR3 will be next and the final Mg release in mid-November


  • Last week our CSIT jobs were failing because of some missing certificate. That was fixed last week, but now we realize that
    our autorelease jobs are failing for a similar issue. A new ticket is now open.
    • our tooling was not notifying us that the jobs were failing because the real work (the build) was just fine. This was
      yet another infra issue.


  • some recent docs patches were abandoned, but we might restore those and see if we can finish


  • netvirt jobs have some new python dependency failures that Srinivas Rachakondais working on. but stacking is failing

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