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Casey Cain Chetan Arakere Gowdru Daniel De La Rosa Jamo Luhrsen Manoj Chokka Thanh Ha (zxiiro) Abhijit Kumbhare Venkatrangan @Dhinua Dayalan @Yaojun Zeng @Sarguna Dharani daya kamath @Sanjay Nayak



Jamo Luhrsen shared information on the Integration/Test Project

  • Showed how the test plans are formed and provided examples of how to modify tests.
  • Explained how Jenkins and Releng relate to test.

Luis Gomez share information on  Integration/Dist

  • Explained how the project is built and the difference between Managed and Self-managed workflows.
    • Noted that self-managed projects that do not use Karaf do not need to be in the Int/Dist pom
      • The <scope>test</scope> tag will not list the feature in Karaf
      • The only real failure is usually related to making sure that the version is correct in the pom.
    • Manged projects are mostly handled by the LF build system and requires little maintenance. 
      • Showed how to add new projects to the managed distribution.
  • Self-Managed distribution happens 1 week after the Managed release.
    • Manged release is tested via the autorelease automatically. 

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