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TSC meetings are held weekly for one hour on Thursdays.  Meeting time alternates each week.  Standard: 9am Pacific and APAC: 10pm Pacific.

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Staff: Casey Cain

Others:Navid Ghazisaidi Oleksii Mozghovyi Manoj Chokka



Unformal talk

  • Anuket launch announcement and possible synergies


  • Silicon.... Code freeze is scheduled to be announced today according to checklist... but I'm going to wait a week unless anybody has any objections..  Daniel De La Rosawill email TSC alias to confirm 
  • Aluminium SR2... it was ready for integration but..
    • Robert Varga has raised concerns about the Aluminum release.  RESTCONF does not appear to be requiring authentication (the problem is in Netconf use of AAA API - see NETCONF-753). ...
    • We will likely need to re-spin SR2... but it is yet to be confirmed.. by Luis Gomezand Venkatrangan Govindarajan
    • Robert Varga we would like step-by-step documentation of what Anil Belur does to deploy the release so that the TSC and the community can gain more autonomy on this.  We have concerns about his responsiveness and would like to know if there is something that we can do as a community. 

TAC & SPC Update

  • Comments

General Topic

  • Casey Cain talked about the upcoming developer & testing forum.  Please Register.  Meetings next week will be canceled for the event.
  • Casey Cain will be OOO the week of  for surgery. 
  • TSC elections for the active community member seats will take place starting the week of 
  • Casey Cain proposes an internship to migrate the old wiki to documentation and confluence
  • Best practices migration from the old wiki in a good shape. It appears that there was a little work required to separate conventions and coding guidelines from develpor guides contents. Reviews are welcome. We will have to call a vote to approve them at the TSC at some point.

Action Items