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available at TransportPCE meetings


General information

  • Next Phosphorus Release:

    • Our stable/phosphorus branch is still not locked, but it should happen in a short time. We will probably have one week of delay.

  • Next Si-SR4 Release:

    • we will need to bump to upsteram dependencies, but there is not so many things to backport since this release will focus on solving security issues with Log4Shell.

Code Review

  • No change merded on master branch this week. Only few backport changes on P and Si.
  • 7 changes from Bala, under review, related to intermediate high rates handling on renderer:
    • “Add missing ODUFlex interface” => Bala noticed working on intermediate rates that this odu-flex interface was missing. This change solves this issue, and added the corresponding test on the functional test suite. Discussion to explain Guillaume's CR-1. A priori, solved by change 99399, so ready to be merged after closin Guillaume's comment

    • “Generalize supporting interface (B100G) in portMapping” => generalizes the handling of supporting OTUCN interfaces. Ready to be merged.

    • “Change in interface naming convention” => this change is necessary to differentiate 200/300 and 400G interfaces. Ready to be merged.

    • “Device Renderer support for intermediate rates” => this change complements the Renderer to handle the creation of intermediate rate services (200/300/400G). Type of interfaces are derived from the modulation format. Gilles thinks that the 3 first changes could be merged as they are. The 4th probably need to be refactored a bit considering the comments that were made.

    • “Device renderer functional tests intermediate rates” =>provides the new functional tests associated with intermediate rate interface creation by the renderer. Still some open comments.

    • “Add support for 200G with 31.6 Gbaud” => 200G QAM-16 has been added to the specifications so that we need to handle 200G with potentially 2 options. The right option is selected from the modulation format and the width (QAM16 + Spacing/spectral-width = 50GHz à 200Gbit interfaces).

    • “Device renderer support for 100G on 7.1 models” => this change currently fails, but the reason for this has been identified. AT&T has some equipment in its labs supporting this rate with 7.1 model.

  • 1 change from Guillaume on functional tests migration to RFC8040: Guillaume would like the team to review its change. Gilles has just started it before the meeting
  • 2 changes from Gilles related to Service model migration to 10.1. Gilles noticed that between OpenROADM models 10.0 and 10.1, there are some huge modifications in the way routing constraints are handled. TransportPCE internal model describing routing constraints was based on the OR Model R1.2. 
    • “Refactor transportpce-routing-constraint model” =>Gilles has started working on removing specific TransportPCE things from TransportPCE models for items that are somewhat duplicated.
    • "Remove transportpce-routing-constraint model" => remove also specific code that was writen to convert OpenROADM constraints to TransportPCE ones. This has a rather strong impact, since routing constraint are used by GNPy.


General information

  • Next Phosphorus Release:

    • Our stable/phosphorus branch shall be locked next Monday (code freeze).  Release of our artifacts should be  after the 27th of January. Shall be straight forward since our branch is up to date.

    • As intermediate rate are part of P release train, everything that is related to it will be merged to the P branch, which shall be the reference branch to prepare the OFC demo.

  • Next Si Release:

    • an unscheduled Si-SR4 service release will come after the P-SR2 release to solve the Log4Shell security issue. Wait for next TSC meeting.

Code Review

  • Since the last meeting, 3 changes have been merged:
    • 99195: Removing the maint-testsignal container => already backported on stable/phosphorus branch by Bala, but not merged yet

    • 99244: Use lighty-core build rather than package dep =>it allows compilation of the latest phosphorus snapshot release of

    • 99247: Update maven download URL & fix gate => allows a correct install of maven on the gate

  • The following changes are under review:
    • 99196: ODUFlex is missing => does not pass the gate (failling at building controller). It shall be rebased to include latest Guillaume change on maven install
    • 99293: Add org-openroadm-port-types yang (unoffical) to schema => proposed by Bala directly on P branch. Actually, with change "97599: Unofficial regenerator capability support in YANG", we introduced a deviation to the original model that is needed to handle regens at high rates (not every device support regeneration). Devices that support regen capability have a deviation with an added if-OTUCn-ODUCn-regen interface. To handle this issue, Bala is proposing to put in the karaf cache the model to allow mounting of both kind of devices.
  • Other activities under progress

    • Gilles has started working on the integration of R10.1 service model. He noticed some modifications on the org-openroadm-routing-constraints.yang model associated with constraints. Part of the Service Handler code will need to be modified. The migration from service models 10.0 to 10.1 could not be straigth-forward.


  • DDF: Gilles and Christophe made a general presentation of transportPCE, and Javier presented the development made by Nokia on the T-API feature. Highstreet will also make a presentation this afternoon on their work in ONAP based on tpce for optical domain control.


Code Review

  • Since the last meeting, 6 changes have been merged:
    • 96193: Power control support for 87.5GHz spectrum width => Last modification was a rebase and a Pylint issue that was solved. 
    • 98688: TapiLink creation refactoring
    • 98669: Enforce pylint in CI via tox => Guillaume enforced Pylint in CI via tox
    • 99050: Fix few NPE in TAPI implementation => a small correction on tapi implementation to avoid NPE
    • 98958: Add and fix Phosphorus support => allows to prepare things for future support. However the bug providing logs in Hexadecimal is still present. This means things have been adjusted on tpce side, but we still needs some things to be solved on lighty side (NETCONF dependency)
    • 98991: Use environment variables for OLM timers => allows to set the timers for the OLM through specific environment variables so that the timers can be set according to the context (simulators/real equipment). By default, the highest value of the timer is set. When using Honeynode, the correct values then need to be exported, without having to re-compile the project.
  • The following changes are still under review:
    • 99195: Removing the maint-testsignal container => the container is only needed if we set the equipment to the maintenance state. So as we don’t need it now, the proposed solution was just to remove it.

    • 99196: ODUFlex is missing => does not pass the gate (there is a compilation issue because the indentation is not good). This changes allows for service  relying on Flexo Interfaces to create the ODUFlex interface that was missing (400G).

    • TAPI changes concerning notifications => we will study the interest of merging them after the functional test have been provided


  • Next DDF is next week with several contributions: Orange will present TransportPCE features with a life demo (Tuesday 11). Guillaume will lead a discussion about release process and tox job parallelization. Nokia will present the TAPI features of tpce.

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