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Welcome to DetNet


"Deterministic" means that such flows provide guaranteed bandwidth, bounded latency, and other properties germane to the transport of time-sensitive data. These use cases differ notably in their network topologies and specific desired behavior, providing as a group broad industry context. Deterministic related technique includes Deterministic Networking (DetNet) in layer 3 and Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) in layer 2. DetNet is proposed in IETF and provides a capability to carry specified unicast or multicast data flows for real-time applications with extremely low data loss rates and bounded latency within a network domain. TSN is a collection of features in IEEE 802.1.

SDN controller is supposed to support DetNet/TSN, to make devices support DetNet/TSN more easily and configuration more simply in centralized control networks.

Project Facts

Project Creation Date: Dec 13th, 2018
Lifecycle State: Incubation
Type: Service
Primary Contact: Quan Xiong <>
Project Lead:  Quan Xiong <>
IRC: #opendaylight
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