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On top of Beymllim release, Boron release provides the following features

  • Fabric service to support IP mapping. Routing table operations on logical router.
  • VXLAN fabric module .to suppor tnew Fabric services
  • User Level Network mapper(ULNMapper) support multiple fabric topology and able to map logical network constructs across multiple fabric accoding to end points locations.

All features above are experimental for this release

Non-Code Aspects (user docs, examples, tutorials, articles)

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Architectural Issues

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Security Considerations

FaaS uses SSL/TLS to secure the Southbound/northbound connections

  • Soundbound connections is based Openflow/OVSDB protocol which can be run over SSL/TLS
  • Northbound RESTConf Interface runs over SSL/TLS

Quality Assurance (test coverage, etc)

  • Unit test based on JUnit test on ULNMapper, Fabric and GBP FaaS render
  • External tests using scripts for ULNMapper, Fabric as well as GBP FaaS render

End-of-life (API/Features EOLed in Release)


Bugzilla (summary of bug situation)

Standards (summary of standard compliance)

Openflow 1.3

Schedule (initial schedule and changes over the release cycle)

On time as scheduled

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