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Major Features

Boron release marks the second release (previous was Lithium) of the most of MD-SAL project.

We have fixed 16 issues ranging from small annoyances to major reworks (code migration and reorganization).

Most prominent features are the

Most prominent feature of this release is migration of codebase and redesign of APIs, altough we we're unable to provide production ready runtime for new introduced APIs.

Target Environment

For Execution

MD-SAL are kept completely portable and require only JVM compliant with Java 8 SE to run. The code generator for YANG maven plugin requires Maven version 3.2.5 or later and YANG Maven Plugin version 1.0.0.

For Development

MD-SAL is developed as a normal Java project.

Timeline Features Completed in this Release

This release introduces first implementationof Data Tree Consumer and Data Tree Producer APIs which describes / provides improved message patterns using Data Tree.

It also provides a new set of Entity Ownership APIs, migrated from the controller project and the Singleton Application infrastructure.

Bugs Fixed in this Release

16 issues

Compatibility with Previous Releases

Outside of APIs previously deprecated, this release retains API compatibility with last Beryllium release.

Deprecated, End of Lifed, and/or Retired Features/API

No elements have been deprecated in this release.

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