• Anil Belur (LF): works as IT admin and release engineer
  • David Lambert (Lumina): Network Engineer
  • Tejas (Lumina): Developer working in ODL
  • Olivier Dugeon (Orange): works in PCE and TE in Orange
  • Guillaume (Orange): TPCE project PTL
  • Kaiyuen (China Mobile): Developer working in ODL
  • Luis Gomez (Lumina): distribution PTL and int/test developer in ODL
  • Anil Vishnoi (RedHat): PTL of OFP and OVSDB
  • Bhuvan (Lumina): Developer working in ODL
  • Robert (Pantheon): PTL of Kernel projects
  • Thanh (Lumina): Devops and Infra in ODL
  • Faseela (Ericsson): PTL of netvirt
  • Abhijit (Ericsson): TSC chair
  • Casey (LF): LF Point of Contact
  • Daya (Ericsson): Developer is Netvirt & Genius
  • Aswin (Ericsson): Developer is Netvirt & Genius

Action Items:

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  • Abhijit Kumbhare Develop plan for platform changes beyond the active dev community to consumers.
  • Upcoming Platform / Major Changes in docs, with link to Docs.
  • Investigate if it makes sense to merge servicesutils and 
  •  Update and maintain clean Committer List
  •  Casey Cain to setup security group across LFN project with dependencies (e.g. ONAP - ODL)
  • ODL TSC to a proper setup security group, at least 2-3 people from ODL community
  • Casey Cain to investigate license (Apache 2 / EPL) issues around security builds for ONAP/ODL.  Need a "security build" of ODL for ONAP with a limited feature set.

ODL Future Planning / Project Status:

Detailed notes can be found here:

Using OpenDaylight in Hybrid Cloud  issues/challenges - Unknown User (yangyi01)

Path Computation in BGPCEP - Olivier Dugeon

Inter-domain Path Computation in BGPCEP - Olivier Dugeon

Magnesium MRI Lookahead - Robert Varga

ONAP meeting:

  • Licensing issue with Apache 2 vs EPL
  • Security issues, mostly Karaf related, another reason to move out from Karaf
  • Distribution 

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