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  • Anil Belur to investigate and report to the TSC  CSIT and Infra issues and job monitoring problems that are happening.
    As Anil did not have a change to investigate the issue and since Robert raised this action item but was not able to attend this meeting, we agreed to postpone it to the next TSC meeting and to create a corresponding ticket  at to ease the tracking by the LFN helpdesk.
28 Jan 2021Anil Belur2021-01-21 TSC minutes
Srinivas Rachakonda2021-06-30 - Helm Charts Meeting
Srinivas Rachakonda2021-06-15 - Helm Charts Meeting
  • Robert Varga share details of how config only replication shards maybe configured
Robert VargaODL BGPCEP Reliability & Scale
Tejas NevrekarODL BGPCEP Reliability & Scale
Suresh PERUMALOpenDaylight Project Status
  • Tejas Nevrekar When working on the redesign to use a pipeline be mindful of ensuring pipeline stages are mutually exclusive
Tejas NevrekarODL BGPCEP Reliability & Scale
  • Tejas Nevrekarto share performance reports once available. Further elaboration in TWS once code is uploaded
Tejas NevrekarODL Micro Status & Next Steps

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