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Major Features

  • NetVirt project split from OVSDB project
  • Move to new, more modular architecture based on vpnservice and genius
  • Maintain legacy NetVirt
  • Genius integration
  • Migration from Config Subsystem to Blueprint
  • Docker-based integration system test environment
  • networking-sfc integration

Target Environment

For Execution

Same as the usual JRE requirements for OpenDaylight (JDK 1.8)

For Development

Same as the usual JDK and Maven requirements for OpenDaylight (JDK 1.8, Maven 3.3.9)

Known Issues and Limitations

  • Limited testing for clustering.

Changes Since Previous Releases

The main change for this release is moving to a new, more modular architecture based on vpnservice and genius projects.

Bugs Fixed in this Release

Bug ID	Summary
6514	Restart to an VM instance in OpenStack bypass ACL flows
5585	netvirt SFC classifier does not push flows when classifier is created
6555	Translation layer skip the RSP creation API call
6393	NETVIRT Boron Autorelease Breaking
6559	Missing tunnel between routed networks
6418	Stateless Sec Groups flows rejected by OVS (prerequisites)
6423	Stateful SG - DHCP packets aren't allowed
6431	L3 connectivity issues - group ID 0 is used, error in IdManager group ID allocation
6449	Issues in Service Function Forwarder translation
6455	[Legacy] br-int not getting created when Netvirt used as 3node
6469	With overlapping ip address in two tenants SG breaks
5939	Communications through external gateway not working
6478	TCP and UDP packets are dropped when custom security groups is configured
6495	Broadcast group not being configured correctly for VLAN provider E/W network
6311	ARP resolution for router interface not working
6070	Datapath_id potentially changes as ports are added to bridge
6076	NullPointerException when trying to add to a port a IPv6 subnet
6408	missing mandatory descendant... block-size
6079	ERROR Log Observations - CSIT  (br-ex)
6080	ERROR Log Observations - CSIT (sal datastore related)
5614	net-virt should not flood the packets to compute nodes unless tenant network exists in the compute node
6081	ERROR Log Observations - CSIT (SG)
5707	Fix errors while installing the feature odl-routemgr-plugin
6091	Illegal argument when creating floatingip
5813	vxlan ports should not be removed in table 110 flow entry unless last VM instance removed from the openstack node.
6182	operational/network-topology:network-topology/topology/netvirt:1 not existing
5860	Missing flows on wrong event ordering
6200	port range is not supported in vpn service security groups
5894	NullPointerException while deleting the interface from router.
6307	Openflow plugin API change
6477	Incorrect VPN Interface adjacency updates causing dissociation of router from VPN to fail
5988	throws NullPointerException while creating a network without br-int interface.
6326	setBridgeController failed to merge, SchemaValidationFailedException
6487	FIB entries are not programmed for static routes added in routers with intervpnlink
5989	NullPointerExceptions while updating the port.
6363	Performance improvements for VPN Engine
6489	CSC does not export BGP routes to DC-GW whose nexthop is an endpoint of an inter-VPN link
6009	netVirt: Handling the FlowRemove Event message from the Event Listener
6369	vxlan port not created in NetVirt.
6379	Exception in Subnet Route Feature
6501	NPE when sgm isn't defined in NetvirtIT
6387	Traffic is getting Dropped in Table-17(Lport Dispatcher Table) in L3VPN SCF Scenario
6066	Improve the logging and add appropriate log messages.
6389	Service Chaining Traffic should be forwarded to the DPN connected to the Fist VM of SC Path
6556	On a router interface in an ipv6 network, first periodic unsolicited router advertisement is not transmitted
6056	Wrong logging in NetvirtSfcStandaloneOF13Provider
6014	Named Thread pool Executors for better debugging

Migration from Previous Releases


Compatibility with Previous Releases

Yes, compatible with previous releases.

Deprecated, End of Lifed, and/or Retired Features/APIs


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