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The following is a list of NetVirt-related presentations. Feel free to add new presentation here in reverse chronological order. Include the date on which the presentation was given. If the list gets long, we can think about categorizing the presentations.

2016 ODL Summit NetVirt Tutorial

Below are some great links to get started with the NetVirt projects. The Netvirt Basics describe the project, it's goals, features and architecture. The Netvirt Advanced go into further details on the flow pipeline and features like L3 and floating-ip's, IPv6 and Security Groups. Each of the slides has a corresponding presentation presented at the OpenDaylight Summit. The demo links are to virtualBox OVA files that contain everything you need to easily bring up a two node OpenStack and OpenDaylight deployment - simply import the OVA and fire them up. The Basics slides also describe how to use the OVA, run the demo and how to debug. The allinone links install and start OpenDaylight automatically. The external link uses OpenDaylight externally on the host and assumes ODL is reachable at

Note If VirtualBox complains about the fourth VM Network Adapter when you start the OVA image then go into the settings for the VM, select Network->Adapter 4->Advanced. Change the Adapter Type from Paravirtualized Network (virtio-net) to the type just above it. VB under Windows sometimes has issues with the fourth Network Adapter.

Note If you want to update to a later OpenStack or OpenDaylight release that what is already packaged in the OVS images above use the following link for notes on things to look for Demo Updates.


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