Discussion on how to handle Platform API changes that require significant changes in the dependent projects as well as outside consumers. The key question to address is what would be the process for dependent projects to have a say whether the changes are necessary before the changes have gone into effect.


The meeting format was an open discussion around downstream-consumer/project impacts of changes in the upstream.

There was general agreement around the concept that kernel projects would be helped by their consuming projects most via contribution of real-world CSIT tests.  The only stated resistance to this idea was time/personnel from some participants.

Requests from the team that more downstream consumers participate in the ODL mailing lists – at a higher priority than even the meetings.  TSC mailing list, project lists, etc. – e-mail is useful across time zones, and is inherently searchable.

More general discussion around time/participation/commitments.

Action items

  • Members are all encouraged to simply set a reminder to spend 5-10 minutes participating in ODL email lists a couple days per week.
  • Members are all encouraged to contribute their end-to-end CSIT tests with real-world-like example payloads, so core/kernel projects are alerted when changes are "breaking."