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Welcome to OVSDB


The OVSDB project of OpenDaylight provides southbound plugins to manage OVS devices.

The OVSDB project comprises two major pieces of functionality:

  1. OVSDB Southbound Plugin : This plugins allows user to manage OVS device that that supports the OVSDB schema and supports the OVSDB management protocol.
  1. OVSDB Hardware vTep Plugin : This plugin handle the OVS device that supports the OVSDB Hardware vTep schema and supports the OVSDB management protocol.

Project Facts

Project Creation Date: July 18th, 2013
Primary Contact: Chetan Arakere Gowdru 
Project Lead:  Chetan Arakere Gowdru
Mailing List:  
Meetings: See Community Meetings 
Jenkins: Jenkins CSIT Jobs

JIRA: Open Bugs


Release Planning

OVSDB is approved as a Mature project in OpenDaylight Boron Cycle

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