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 Major Features

Lithium marked the third release of the OVSDB project. The release delivers increased code and testing coverage, improved network virtualization integration with OpenStack and an MDSAL-based OVSDB plugin.

  • better parity with OpenStack Neutron
  • native DVR service including SNAT, external gateway and floating IP support
  • more robust and stable solution
  • increased code quality, unit, integration and system test coverage
  • MDSAL OVSDB southbound plugin

OpenDaylight Features

  • odl-ovsdb-schema-openvswitch: Schema wrapper that represents
  • odl-ovsdb-schema-hardwarevtep: Schema wrapper that represents
  • odl-ovsdb-library: Contains Schema-independent library that is a reference implementation for RFC 7047.
  • odl-ovsdb-openstack: OpenDaylight and OpenStack integration using OVSDB and Neutron to support network virtualization.
  • odl-ovsdb-southbound-api: YANG model for OVSDB
  • odl-ovsdb-southbound-impl: Implementation for the OVSDB YANG model


Target Environment

As per the general Lithium release, i.e., JDK7 for development and JRE7 for execution.

Known Issues and Limitations

  • OVSDB updates greater than 100,000 bytes will be silently ignored by the library
  • In some cases, manual updates to the OVSDB database will cause inconsistencies in the OpenDaylight operational and config datastore.

Migration from Previous Releases

Migration and compatibility with previous releases is not supported since the OVSDB MDSAL model is new in this release so there is nothing to migrate.

Deprecated, End of Life, and/or Retired Features/API

All the ADSAL related components are deprecated: plugin and northbound

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