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Major Features

Reference OVSDB Java Library: Redesigned OVSDB LibraryThe library can be used separately by any Java OVSDB implementation to help serve as a reference implementation.
Schema independent OVSDB PluginOVSDB plugin can be used for any OVSDB schema (not attached to open_vSwitch schema alone
OVSDB Net-Virt infra : NXM extensions:Upstream extensions Openflowlibrary project in order to leverage necessary extension to develop OpenStack services in the OVSDB Neutron integration.
Distributed Virtual RouterDistributed Virtual Layer3 forwarding
Integrate OpenStack Security Groups and RulesFirst of many OpenStack Neutron service integration. This will consolidate Port security functionality into the OVS network forwarding pipeline rather than the IP Tables Linux daemon.
Integrate OpenStack Neutron LBaaSIntegrate LoadBalancer As a Service
ARP Responding/HandlingL3 East/West forwarding distributed to the hypervisor
VLAN SupportTo facilitate traditional non-overlay fabric integration.

Target Environment

  • Any OS with a recent Java 7 JRE (JDK for development) should work

Known Issues and Limitations

  • FWaaS is not integrated in Helium release
  • Most of the Openstack features are tech-preview as we couldn't align ourselves with the Openstack Juno release.

Timeline Features Completed in this Release

All delivered at the end of the release cycle.

Bugs Fixed in this Release


Migration from Previous Releases


Compatibility with Previous Releases


Deprecated, End of Life, and/or Retired Features/API

  • Openflow1.0 based legacy OpenFlow plugin

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