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General Points

  • Casey Cain says we should have concise info to ask companies for help.
  • Charles Eckel feels that it maybe useful to have a Zoom session or two to explain.
  • Robert Varga and Jamo Luhrsen feel ideally communication should be over emails or IRC/Slack as opposed to office hours, etc. however the issue is the number of resources are too thin. 
  • Robert Varga believes we need a better pipeline for communicating with users. 
  • CE: We could host more hackathons to attract developers to specific topics.
    • CC: Maybe we can do monthly hackathons on a specific topic and use MAC/TAC to help drive engagement
  • A persistent query is to have a helping office hour for the newbies.
  • IRC communication has its own set of problems - not available in all companies. LFN looking to move to some other tool like Slack.
  • Hema Gopalakrishnan thinks that tutorials from the experts will be helpful.
  • Daya thinks the above have been discussed but have not led to results. More useful would be how to make ODL more usable.
  • We need more outreach to users that are already working on OpenDaylight, but not working in the upstream
    • Need more clear messaging to the users that if you are consuming ODL, to please contribute upstream X hours per day or week to help resolve the technical debt.
  • Allan Clarke suggests the following:
    • A dedicated public face for helping for new devs get oriented
    • A central location for "low hanging fruit" tasks organized by project, including estimated time and estimated required knowledge.
  • Jeff Hartley says an important work item which can be new person friendly is removing stale documentation. 
  • Tejas Nevrekar says we need to reach out to the end users and document the current usage of opendaylight, whats the deployment, whats the problem being solved, which plugins being used in the solution.
  • Karthikeyan Krishnan Thinks that we need to improve the metrics value w.r.t scale and other deployment testing aspect in each ODL release. Also w.r.t stability of the platform is more important to each releases.

Project Status

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  1. Suresh PERUMAL – Let me know where the source table for this image is, and let's please add a Comments column.  Lumina will update progress on a few of these, and re-shape the goals a bit (the definition of "Cloud Native" is a hot-button, for example).