I am currently facing a challenge in organizing the Use Cases page for Opendaylight. Currently, only a few organizations are listed in the solutions section as users of the OpenDaylight Open SDN Ecosystem. Additionally, there is content and links in the stories section that need to be removed. I have personally extracted the data and verified each entry. However, it would be greatly appreciated if we could collectively determine which information should be retained after reviewing this data.

Please note that the "Found on Google" status indicates that I have checked their official websites and confirmed the data from their official websites. On the other hand, the "Not sure" status implies that I found some old articles related to SDN, but not on their official websites.

Solutions Section of Use Cases Page

DistributionsStatusFound on Google

BroadcomJust a small part of OpenDaylight is shown with other community projects.Yes

CiscoFirst link is a achieved GitHub page. Second and third link are basically taking to the website https://developer.cisco.com/ but not a single mention of OpenDaylight, if I search on google, OpenDaylight Cisco then only Opendaylight shows.Yes

IricentBroken Link and can't find anything on their official site.No

Packet DesignPage link is broken.No

PANTHEON.techBoth the links take to same page but OpenDaylight is clearly mentioned.Yes

DistributionsStatusFound on Google

PANTHEON.techClear separate page of OpenDaylight.Yes

DistributionsStatusFound on Google

CloudRouterPage link is broken.No

CoriantPage link is broken. Plus Infinera acquired CoriantNo

EricssonPage links to the portfolio page of EricssonNot Sure

FujitsuPage link is landing to something else, but I can clearly find OpenDaylight on their global page.

InfineraPage links to the homepage of Infinera, but I cannot find anything related to Xceed.Not Sure

IntelPage links to the homepage of Intel, But I can clearly find OpenDayLight mention on intel networking page on google.Yes

PANTHEON.techlighty.io is a set of OpenDaylight components, adapted to run in a plain Java SE environment.Yes

PluribusPage link is broken. And didn't find anything related to OpenDaylight on Pluribus NetVisor OS page.Not Sure

QosmosPage link is broken.No

Red HatClear separate page of OpenDaylight.Yes

Tata Consultancy ServicesThe link is working and takes to communication services page, but not sure whether they are using OpenDaylight.Not Sure

Telco SystemsPage link is broken.No

TethrNet Technology Inc.All links are broken and cannot find related to OpenDaylight.No

DistributionsStatusFound on Google
ALTEN CalsoftPage link is broken.Not Sure

PANTHEON.techClearly Working, but all links take you to one page.Yes

SDN EssentialsLinks takes to https://www.redapt.com/. But nothing is foundNo

SerroCompany doesn't exist, basically acquired by a company called Rahi.No

Stories Section Of Use Cases Page


AlibabaVisit link is broken

AT&TVisit link is working but the image is not showing

BeaconVisit link is broken

BristolVisit link is broken

CableLabsVisit link is working but the image is not showing

CaltechVisit link is broken

Century LinkVisit link is taking to a external article. Not a story like page on OpenDaylight website

China MobileVisit link is broken

ComcastVisit link is working but the images are not showing. And the joined link is broken.

Cornell UniversityVisit link is broken

GeantVisit link is broken

GlobeVisit link is broken

KT CorporationVisit link is broken

OrangeVisit link is broken

PANTHEON.techVisit link is broken

Telecom ArgentinaVisit link is broken

TelefonicaVisit link is broken and card description can be changed because it represents a one person view.

TelstraVisit link is broken

TencentVisit link is broken

VerizonVisit link is working perfectly.

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