Click for anchor link Does the TSC approve Autorelease #94 to be Sulfur SR1?

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  1. Hi Guillaume LambertPlease provide more details for a "no" vote, so that rest of the TSC/voters are on the same page. 

    1. Hi Anil Belur

      As stated in the last TSC meeting, I hoped some regressions were fixed with this release, notably for tpce integration..
      These fixes do appear in latest versions of core project but apparently not coming with the current dependencies of SR1, which are a little older.

  2. I noticed that the branches have not been locked for "Phosphorus SR3" or"Sulfur SR1" code freeze, that means potential developer changes would have got in after the code freeze until now.
    That makes this release void!

  3. As agreed on today's 6/2/2022, we will come up with a new RC for Sulfur SR1 in a couple of weeks