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This is an open discussion on how we can improve the LFN infra migration and ODL release cycles. Those migrations affect the overall efficiency of the community but not only. In 3 months, the ODL wiki changed it URL 3 times. The migrations were not at all synchronized with the release schedules and we have now 3 following  releases that references a different URL for the wiki. Some of those URLs have become obsoleted after only a few days.  Note there were other examples of unsynchronized migrations in the past such as the support of python 3.5  obsoleted after only 2 months during the Sodium SR2 release. This also results in unexpected referencing problems for potential new contributors (ODL contributors guidelines spread between LFN and OLD new / old wiki and docs + karaf URLs completely out-of-date ). Maybe it is time to rethink the global approach at the community level.


  • The wiki URL migration process had major hiccups - as it had to be done twice as Confluence links were broken.
  • Guillaume Lambert says this was not the first time that a major system change was done. For example Python 3.5 support was removed in tox-releng  / lfn-tools during Sodium SR2.
    • Cedric Olivier says that they had the same issue in OPNFV. This needs to be discussed across the projects.
    • Robert Varga says that historically IT was part of the LFN projects but now the LFN IT changes are not very transparent. 
  • Hard to find info as the LFN centralization has resulted in info being distributed in different places
  • Cedric Olivier says that IT migrations are not cognizant of the project release schedules and a closed feedback loop between LF IT and LFN projects is needed.

Action items

  • Casey Cainand Anil Belurto work on a process for IT rollouts  (we can discuss the follow up in  TSC meeting).