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Members of the OpenDaylight Technical Steering Committee (TSC) elect a Chairperson each year.


This election and nomination process is limited to TSC Members. Any TSC Member can nominate themselves, run for election, and vote in the election for the TSC Chair.


The election process occurs in two phases; the Nomination phase, and the Election phase.

Nomination Phase

  1. An email is sent from the Election Coordinator (Casey Cain) to the TSC distribution list for OpenDaylight and the subject line is tagged with the keywords [TSC CHAIR PERSON NOMINATION].
  2. Any TSC Member may nominate themselves to stand for election. Note that no one can nominate another person to run for election.
  3. To submit a nomination, the TSC Member must reply-all to the original nomination email stating their interest to stand for the election.
  4. All nominees are invited to provide their Picture, Biography, and Statement of Intent for the election wiki page so that the other members of the TSC, and the community, can learn more about the candidate and their intentions for the role of TSC Chairperson. The nominee ordering on the election wiki page will be in ascending alphabetical order by last name.
    • Nominees are asked to send their Bio, Picture, and Statement of Intent to the Election Coordinator (Casey Cain) prior to the commencement of voting. The Election Coordinator will post all Candidate information on the wiki just prior to beginning the election.
  1. The length of the Nomination phase is 5 business days. This clock starts when the email described above is sent.

Election Phase

  1. Immediately upon the close of the Nomination Phase, an email will be sent from the Election Coordinator (Casey Cain) via the Condorcet Internet Voting Service (CIVS) to each TSC member. This email will have the subject line: “Poll: OpenDaylight TSC Chairperson Election”. This email acts as an invitation by the CIVS for each TCS Member to vote. This voting invitation is only sent to the TSC Members. The TSC mailing list is not cc-ed on this email as per the CIVS process. Included in this election invitation will be a pointer to the Election wiki page which contains the names, pictures, biographies, and statements-of-intent for each of the candidates. The email also has instructions and a private URL where each TSC Member is sent to vote.
  2. At the CIVS-provided voting URL, each voter will rank the candidates, where a smaller-numbered rank means that the voter prefers that choice more. Once the ranking is complete, the voter will press the “Submit ranking” button to complete the voting process.
  3. The Election Phase will remain open for 5 business days from the time the invitation-to-vote email is sent by the CIVS.
  4. Once the Election Phase has completed, the results of the election, including the votes cast by all participating TSC members, will be made available to the TSC mailing list.