This is a release plan for Table Type Patterns. The project goals for this release are:

  • to support live OpenFlow control through a TTP-constrained OpenFlow API
  • to offer a utility that supports comparison and matching of "flow-match-actions" between two TTPs
  • to provide an ability for developers to leverage the comparison utility to map "app TTPs" to "device TTPs"

Release Deliverables

NameExternal APIDescription
Bug fixingn/aHigh-priority bug fixes.
Flow_pathsCLI onlyTracking all flow management options for a TTP
ComparisonCLI only?Comparing Flow_paths for two separate TTPs (typically app and device level)
Dynamic Map (tentative)no programmatic APIEnable human guided dynamic map of App TTP request to Device TTP
Auto-load to TTP repository (tentative)via TTP YANG model and augmentationsread TTPs from disk (or remote URLs) into the TTP repository
DIDM driver (tentative)via DIDM?provide a DIDM driver based on the dynamic maps
TTP pipeline snippets and composition (very tentative)unknown, based on interest or workprovide a way to describe snippets of OpenFlow pipeline and compose them to make full pipelines originally targeting vSwitches
TTP 1.1 support (tentative)via updated YANG modeladopt changes as needed from to-be-published TTP 1.1 spec

Release Milestones

MilestoneOffset 2 DateDeliverables
Intent to participateDoneIntent to participate in Bereyllium Simultaneous Release
Project Lead electedDoneProject Lead election
Test Contact specifiedDoneTest Contact announced
Candidate Release PlanDoneCandidate Release Plan
Final Release Plan
Final Release Plan
Project Checklist
Project Checklist completed
OpenDaylight CI
OpenDaylight CI infrastructure usage for system test
Project acknowledgement

Functionality Freeze

Karaf Features Defined

Documentation Started

Feature Test Started

API Freeze

Documentation word count

Maven Central Requirements

Feature Test Continues

Code Freeze

Stability Branch
Stability branch, must be cut and local project versions bumped on master to avoid overwriting SNAPSHOTS
String Freeze
All externally visible strings frozen to allow for translation & documentation
Documentation Complete
Only editing and and enhancing should take place after this point.
Integration & System Test

Release Candidate 0
Release Candidate 1
Release Candidate 2
Bugfix & more
Bugfixing, samples
Release Review
Release Review
Release Candidate 3
Blocking Bugs
Formal Release2/4/2016
Formal Beryllium Release

Release patch
Release patch to the stable branch and bump versions
SR1 Release3/17/2016
Release patch
Release patch to the stable branch and bump versions
SR2 Release4/28/2016
Release patch
Release patch to the stable branch and bump versions
SR3 Release7/28/2016
Release patch
Release patch to the stable branch and bump versions
SR4 Release10/20/2016
Release patch
Release patch to the stable branch and bump versions

Externally Consumable APIs

Note: While the CLI tool is intended for external consumption in that we expect people outside to use it, it is not intended for programmatic consumption and so the API is not listed in this table.

Short NameDescriptionType (at M2)Type (at M3)Type (release)ContractSupporting Code
TTP YANG modelModel for TTPs, DB of avail. TTPs, augmentation to nodes providing active and supported TTPsStable (may be some edits)Stable (may be some edits)StableYANG modelsnone now
TTP DriverAt least one app to device TTP driverTentativeProvisionalDroppednone yet, likely using DIDM APInone now
Pipeline Snippet UtilitiesTools create, chain, use TTPs as pipeline snippetsTentativeDroppedDroppednone yetnone now

Expected Dependencies on Other Projects

Providing ProjectDeliverable NameNeeded ByAcknowledged?Description
controllerfeaturesM3Nobasic controller features
odlparentfeaturesM3Noodlparent values
openflowpluginfeaturesM3Noflow programming and extensions
openflowjavafeaturesM3No ??
yangtoolsfeaturesM3Noyangtools for compiling yang

Expected Incompatibilities with Other Projects

(Need to complete this... CurtB)

Compatibility with Previous Releases

Removed APIs and/or Functionality

Deprecated APIs and/or Functionality

Changed APIs and/or Functionality

Themes and Priorities

  • Increase the usefulness of tool funtions for the "parser" utility
  • Invest significantly in documentation
  • Provide some deployable controller TTP functionality

Requests from Other Projects

Active Requests

Test Tools Requirements

(This needs further development.)


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