Major Features

  • A YANG model for Table Type Pattern

Target Environment

  • Any OS with a recent Java 7 JRE (JDK for development) should work

Known Issues and Limitations

  • Limitations of are well documented in the developer guide in asciidoc gerrit
    • Several mismatches between the ODL YANG version of TTPs and the ONF spec version
    • A bug with strings that contain certain special characters 720
    • The is no "logic" only a model.
  • Testing was done by putting existing TTPs into the model by RESTCONF.

Timeline Features Completed in this Release

All delivered at the end of the release cycle.

Bugs Fixed in this Release


Migration from Previous Releases


Compatibility with Previous Releases


Deprecated, End of Lifed, and/or Retired Features/API


Stable Update 1

No changes from the first Helium release.

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