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OpenDaylight - Static Website

Repo Name


I propose moving the page from the WordPress CRM to the Jekyll static website generator.

The repository would be set up to update itself on critical security issues via Dependabot or other framework.


  • Hosted on GitHub pages = foregoes costs on LFN hosting the website
  • Open to contributions from outside = faster updates to content
  • More secure than WordPress, since it generates static webpages instead of regenerating dynamic content
  • Posts are written in Markdown
  • Allows for faster and major cleanup of
  • Faster website speed on any hosting


  • Major design changes depend on the theme selected and more technical knowledge of CSS, HTML, JavaScript
  • Limited options on layout, once theme is picked (except for more invasive code changes)
  • Support depends on theme creator/community


The move would require thorough testing of the website and redirects, where a lot of links are either not working or redirected towards non-existing pages. The process will be time-consuming, but make the project more cohesive and approachable.

Resources Committed (developers committed to working)

Filip Čúzy -

Initial Committers

Filip Čúzy -

Vendor Neutral

The pre-built theme used is jekyll-serif-theme. It has an MIT license and requires the authors' approval for usage. Any additional images used, will either be open-source or appropriately mentioned in the README of the repository (attribution).

Meets Board Policy (including IPR)