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  • The sulfur release is almost done, all pending fixes have been merged and only autorelease update to use maven 3.8 with this patch
  • Phosphorus SR3 is currently scheduled to be released  

TAC & SPC Update

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Marketing Update


General Topic

  • TSC Governance
    • Currently, the election does not have enough qualified candidates.
    • There is a proposal from Guillaume Lambert to make an exception for Cedric Ollivier who has 17 active contributions at the time of the election started.
      • Option 1: Reduce the seats to 5, with strict adherence to the TSC charter.
      • Option 2: Have Cedric get an exception, since we need more hands and keep the 7 seats.
      • Option 3: Keep 7 seats, fill empty seats in the future.
    • Anil Belur Suggests that others participate in the Election who are working in the background making great contributions to the project.
      • Cedric Ollivier is a long-time contributor to the OpenDaylight Community.  However, at the time of the 2022 TSC Election, he was just short of enough active contributions to be considered.  In the best interest of the community growth, the TSC elected to accept his self-nomination.
      • #agreed
  • AAA Project security issue is being looked at by Venkatrangan.
  • ODL Modernization Proposals
  • Call for Mentors
    • Casey Cain noted that there is an open call for mentors and encouraged the community to put forth some proposals.
  • June Developer Event
    • A reminder that the developer event is taking place from June 13-16 in person in Porto, Portugal. 

Action Items