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  • Casey Cain went through his proposal about the TSC elections.
    • Draft Proposal for TSC Election Process
    • Disscussion ensued about the appropriate number of seats the TSC should have in the next election
      • Options discussed were:
        • 5 Seats
        • 3 Seats
        • 3 Platform Project Seats, w/ 2 CaL seats reserved for election no later than Feb 2021
        • 5 Seats, TSC commits to assess community status and add X(2?) no later than Feb 2021
        • 5 Seats now, and the new TSC decides at a later date (no later than Feb 2021) how many additional seats/or full re-election
        • Guillaume Lambert also suggested gauge the interest by asking for volunteers - maybe by opening up the self nominations.
      • No clear consensus met.  Discussion will continue on the mailing list.