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available at TransportPCE meetings

05/27/21 is rescheduled at 2pm Paris Time to avoid overlap with OpenROADM meetings


General information

Si SR1 branch is locked. Al SR4 should be coming by 2 or 3 weeks.
Gilles experience some issues but shall be able to prepare tpce staging for Si.
Committers election : Bala and Christophe have been proposed as committers. They got 100% accepts from expressed votes.The election must be now approved by the TSC. 

Code Review

Fix the misplacement of service notifications : Thierry made a change related to service notifications to avoid that notifications for service creation are sent before the service state is updated in the MD-SAL .
Some notifications were added in case the implementation of the service fails.

Guillaume proposed a few commits to fix some remaining build warnings and optimize gates logs and behavior: