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  • Brandon Wick will come to the  meeting to discuss some future marketing plans.
  • Angelos Stavrou will come to the  meeting to discuss new features for ODL. 
  • Robert Varga reminded everyone to join the ODL slack channel here.

Developer & Testing Forum January 10-13, 2022

June in-person event

  • RFPs have been sent out for our upcoming in-person event.
  • Options for possible dates:
    • Week of June 6th (M-Th)
      • Starting Monday after Pentecost. Holiday in some EU countries 
      • Can possibly shift to Tues-Friday - conflicts with Israel weekend
      • Conflicts with Open Infra Forum
    • Week of June 13th.
      • Possible conflict with Broadband Forum
    • Week of May 30th
      • Conflict with Memorial Day in the US
    • Week of July 4th
      • Conflict with US Independence Day

Action Items