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General information

  • Gilles sent a mail to the ODL community (Daniel De La Rosa) to summarize the status of transportPCE for what concerns the integration in Sulfur GA. Unfortunately, due to a number of issues (Openroadm models compilation, link augmentation in openroadm-topology,  Feature odl-transportpce-swagger no longer effective, issues to run some Junit tests & possible other failures on functional tests not investigated yet) , we won’t be able to meet the GA timeline and to have TransportPCE latest code integrated in S-SR0. He asked whether it will be possible anyway to join SR1 when core project will have solved the highlighted issues. We are waiting for an official answer. Guillaume will raise the topic in the TSC since Gilles won’t be able to attend this last today.


  • Christophe started to work on Netconf simulator. He succeeded in having OpenROADM 2.2.1 ROADM and Transponder nodes running. He is currently working on the management of the RPC, and he will also have to work on the synchronization of the 2 datastores after some modifications have been applied to the configuration datastore. does not provide any RESTONF connector. The main reason for investigating on is that it is a recent project which uses some of the latest ODL dependencies (Phosphorus), which makes it easier to evolve, in comparison with Honeynode which is not maintained anymore.


General information

  • Sulfur release: All managed project are ready to release for GA of Sulfur. On TransportPCE side, we are experiencing different issues which prevent us to migrate to Sulfur.

    • Gilles progressed but there is still a rather blocking issue with the compilation of OpenROADM models. The issue was raised to the ODL community yesterday.

    • the previous model compilation issue ( has been solved and integrated in MDSAL-9.0.2, released today.
    • Gilles encounters another issue with odl-parent (bad dependencies revision in maven-site-plugin) which can be solved with an overriding of pom.xml files.
  • Chlorine preparation:

    • we will have a total removal of restconf-nb-bierman. Guillaume started the migration from bierman to RFC 4080, but some work still needs to be done.

    • we will also need to migrate to java 17 (CI is currently under migration)

  • Orange had a discussion with NTT about the potential implementation of a control plane based on TransportPCE in the scope of IOWN. NTT is also in contact with UTD.

  • It is probably the good time to make a decision on the status of TransportPCE and the way it shall be handled in ODL: as a managed project or as a self-managed project. Gilles recommendation is to move to the status of managed project. Managed project are integrated in ODL as core projects. On the other hand, artifacts would probably have to be delivered earlier.

    • No objection raised, so, the decision is to move to Manage Project.