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  • Mário Doman
  • Guillaume Lambert
  • Cedric Ollivier
  • Ivan Hsasko
  • Anil Belur


  • How to go about kicking off the work?
  • What jobs do we need on Jenkins to verify Jenkinsfile?
  • How to go about testing the Jenkinsfile in the sandbox env?

Meeting Minutes:

  • This is a kick-off meeting to start rethinking our CI with Jenkins Pipelines.
  • Mário agreed to lead this initiative.
    There are ongoing reflection also in other projects such as TransportPCE.
    During the last releases, there were a couple of issues and bugs with yangtools and friends.
    TransportPCE would like to separate OpenROADM models in separate project and packages.
    This way, these models could be tested in the core projects CI to detect these issues sooner.
  • We had to cut short the call, but agreed that during the next meeting we will create a simple "Hello World" Jenkinsfile as a prototype, 
    that would help with understanding how all the bits and pieces fall together from various repositories.