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Daniel De La Rosa not present- sttus sent bye email: RC for both sulfur SR2 and chlorine were still blocked by the issues with AR integration tests
Guillaume Lambert status on TransportPCE : Sulfur RC2 ready for 2 weeks has been updated with latest change on master
     Master branch bumped to Chlorine this week - all tests passed but some had to be adapted because of some Decimal64 side-effects.
     The last step before integrated the managed release is to move ORDM,T-API and openconfig YANG models to a specific created repo.

Sulfur SR2

odltools is outdated with the version requirements, not develped or used. Therefore the suggestion was to remove the odltools

LFN Updates

Marketing Update


  • No objections were raised with the Budget from the members present in the TSC meet.
  • Infra and JJB issues
    • lf-avtivate-vevn() issues affecting the release process. Most issues with lf-activate-vevn() and migrating to pyenv has been resolved with global-jjb release v0.81.2 
    • Cedric Ollivier architecture JJB must be discussed - slides prepared for Anuket
      We need to have a better approach to upgrade and maintain systems and upper constraints.
      Architectures must be rethought but we can already adress some quickwin bugs before.
      Guillaume Lambert Ongoing discussion by email with Anil Belur and Luis Gomez
       The pipelines meeting could have been a good place but the tight-coupling with other LFN projects make the topic broader.
      Anil Belur Cedric Ollivier Guillaume Lambert agree that is possible to contribute to LFN global-jjb but current architecture
      and tight-coupling issues make difficult for contributors to test and forecast side-effects.