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  • Status on transportpce-models changes merged  since last meeting:

    • “Bump upstream dependencies to Cl SR2”, to release artifacts
  • Status on transportpce changes merged  since last meeting:

    • “Refactor few LOG messages management” which extracts some modification that can be applied out of the autonomous path computation
    • “Bump upstream dependencies to Cl SR2" to use the latest dependencies (especially transportpce-model release version and the latest lighty version)
    • Relation chain concerning Junit tests refactoring
    • backports on stable/chlorine branch
  • transportpce-models changes under review:
    • “Add new T-API-2.4.0 models”: Gilles added new tapi models after correcting some trailing spaces. Anyway, Pyang still generates a lot of Warning associated with imports. This could be an issue with Pyang. The models however compile correctly on the gate. Would be worth adding a yang linter on the CI
    • “Bump upstream dependencies to Argon" has been updated to align with latest dependencies and can be merged
  • transportpce changes under review:
    • “Slight refactor of CommonPortMappingVersion221” provides some optimization removing some intermediate variables
    • “Hack to update degree port on portMapping”: Guillaume steps back on one of the optimization of previous change
    • “Autonomous impairment aware path computation” needs to be rebased again, and wait for a last review before being merged