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  • Chlorine SR2, it is almost ready. MSI projects will roll in and once int/dist patch is ready, a an RC will be picked from AR for Chlorine SR2. Robert Varga will update us on the status
    • Remarks from Gilles Thouenon unable to merge changes on TransportPCE stable/Chlorine branch because of branch lock
      Anil Belur needs to have temporary admin rights to perform maintenance automation and w/o a branch lock, anyone would have the rights right to merge changes
      Luis Gomez could we start it not so early? Anil Belur that's what we try to do
      needs to review the list of super-committers in that case so Guillaume Lambert will become a super-committer to take care of these patches
  • Argon is scheduled to be released on and Robert Varga will update us on the status
  • Docker packaging is blocked by what looks like an authentication issue in the Nexus3 system
  • Docker releases are synced to Dockerhub. 14.xand15.x.

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