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Kernel Projects


Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) ODL ProjectRobert VargaLink
ArchetypesThis project hosts OpenDaylight example project templates, initially in the form of Maven archetypes.
Michael Vorburger
Infrastructure UtilitiesThis project offers technical utilities and infrastructures for other projects to use.Faseela KLink
MD-SALThe Model-Driven Service Adaptation Layer (MD-SAL) is a message-bus inspired extensible middleware component that provides messaging and data storage functionality based on data and interface models defined by application developers (i.e. user-defined models).Robert VargaLink
ODL Root ParentODL Root Parent provides common settings for all the projects participating in simultaneous release. ODL Root Parent Project contains a POM that includes common external dependencies, distribution management, plugin management, repository information, etc that is common to all the projects. This pom has only defaults which other projects will inherit if the defaults are not specified.Robert VargaLink
ControllerOpenDaylight Controller is a Java-based, the model-driven controller using YANG as its modeling language for various aspects of the system and applications and with its components serves as a base platform for other OpenDaylight applications.Link
PlasticPlastic is a model-to-model transformation library supporting northbound and southbound payloadsAllan ClarkeLink

ServiceUtils is an infrastructure project for OpenDaylight aimed at providing utilities that will assist in the Operation and Maintenance of different services provided by OpenDaylight. A service is a functionality provided by the ODL controller as seen by the operator. These services can be categorized as Networking services, e.g. L2, L3/VPN, NAT, etc., and Infra services, e.g. Openflow. These services are provided by different ODL projects like Netvirt, Genius, and Openflowplugin and are comprised of a set of java karaf bundles and associated MD-SAL datastores.

Faseela KLink
YANG ToolsYANG Tools is an infrastructure project aiming to develop necessary tooling and libraries providing support of NETCONF and YANG for Java (JVM-language based) projects and applications, such as Model-Driven SAL for Controller (which uses YANG as its modeling language) and Netconf / OFConfig plugins.Robert VargaLink

Protocol Projects

BGP LS PCEPThe OpenDaylight controller provides an implementation of BGP (RFC 4271) as a south-bound protocol plugin and a north-bound REST/JAVA API.Robert VargaLink
GeniusThe genius project provides Generic Network Interfaces, Utilities & Services. Any ODL application can use these to achieve interference-free co-existence with other applications using Genius.Hema GopalakrishnanLink
NETCONFNETCONF is an XML-based protocol used for configuration and monitoring devices in the network. The base NETCONF protocol is described in RFC-6241.Jamo LuhrsenLink
LISP Flow MappingThe Lisp Flow Mapping service provides LISP Mapping System services. This includes LISP Map-Server and LISP Map-Resolver services, to store and serve the mapping data to data plane nodes as well as to OpenDaylight applications.Lori JakabLink
OpenFlow Plugin
Arunprakash DLink
OVSDB IntegrationThe OVSDB project of OpenDaylight provides southbound plugins to manage OVS devices.Chetan Arakere GowdruLink
P4 PluginP4 Plugin is used to make the controller be able to work in conjunct with P4 targets. It will provide basic functions, such as channel, device management, table management, and packet processing and etc.

Han Jie

TransportPCETransportPCE primary function is to control an optical transport (WDM or OTN) infrastructure using a non-proprietary South Bound Interface.
Currently, the project supports NETCONF devices relying on the  OpenROADM MSA specifications.
Guillaume Lambert

App Projects

DaeximData Export/Import provides RPCs to request the bulk transfer of ODL system data between data stores and the local file system. Shaleen SaxenaLink
FaaSFaaS project aims to create a common abstraction layer on top of a physical network, so northbound API or services can be easier to be mapped onto the physical network as concrete device configuration. Xingjun Chu
JSONRPCJSON RPC 2.0 aims to provide a binding for ODL Datastore, RPC, and Notification operations and map them onto JSON RPC 2.0 calls over ZMQ and HTTP(S) transports.Anton IvanovLink
NetVirtNetvirt is a Network Virtualization application developed on Opendaylight consisting of modular sub-services such as L2(ELAN), L3(L3VPN), ACL, NAT, DHCP, IPv6 Control, and more.Link
Neutron NorthboundThe neutron northbound project is focused on the communication from the ODL drivers in OpenStack to the ODL neutron service and saves the neutron models into ODL data store for other providers to use.Achuth ManiyedathLink
Service Automation Framework

Service Projects

UnimgrThe User Network Interface (UNI) Manager project within OpenDaylight provides data models and APIs that enable software applications and service orchestrators to configure and provision connectivity services; in particular, Carrier Ethernet services as defined by MEF Forum, in physical and virtual network elements.Donald HunterLink

Support Projects

DocumentationThis project is responsible for managing the OpenDaylight documentation at and any other relevant materials related to project documentation.
Integration/DistributionThe project to integrate artifacts from all Java-based ODL projects into a common Karaf distribution.Luis GomezLink

Packaging and Deployment support, including packages (RPMs), configuration management tools (Ansible, Puppet) and pre-built images (containers, Vagrant base boxes).

Anil BelurLink
Integration/TestProject for all the system test code and system test tools (test tools that are specific to ODL but not specific to a particular ODL project and do not need to concern themselves with changing internal APIs of an ODL projectLink
ODLGuiceMove the Guice dependencies from infra-utils into a separate project to enable consumption in the rest of ODL.Tejas Nevrekar
ODLMicroRun a typical OpenDaylight SDN component such as NETCONF or OpenFlowPlugin without requiring the Apache Karaf OSGi runtime container.Tejas Nevrekar
ODL ToolsOpenDaylight tools that may be useful in troubleshooting, monitoring, and analyzing OpenDaylight and it's deployments.Tim RozetLink
RelEng/AutoreleaseThe Release Engineering - Autorelease project is targeted at building the artifacts that are used in the release candidates and final full release.Anil BelurLink
RelEng/BuilderThe Release Engineering - Builder project is targeted at hosting the scripts and information needed for building up VM images and creating jobs in Jenkins as well as build pipelines.Anil BelurLink

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