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Date & Time

July, 8th, 2020; 9pm PST


  • Release
  • Infra
  • Docs
  • Misc



  • Magnesium SR2 will be code freeze this coming Monday (assuming MRI version bumps are finished)...
  • Sodium SR4 is on schedule and will be released August 27th ... Magnesium SR2 checklist 
  • Aluminium still hasn't had a good luck at CSIT results yet


  • mnaser was working today to debug and fix the problems in infra
    • some openstack ports were failing to connect causing networking to fail and maybe
      all the failures were related to that.
    • It seemed that only some hypervisors were affected which would explain the sporadic
      nature of it.
    • jenkins was paused and not running jobs, but will be back soon
    • resolution note from mnaser
  • info yaml files for each project are coming in
    • hard to find TSC approvals that need to be included in those info files
    • there is a script here that can search all of the meeting minutes that we
      took with irc meetbot


  • dave updating older docs as he finds them. any special requests can be emailed to


  • Manoj Chokka wondering how to handle 
    serverOpenDaylight JIRA
    • the very minimum for this project would be to publish docker images to dockerhub and then
      pull the docker images to be run in CSIT.
    • we can start by just running CSIT with the major releases
    • we can also just manually build a docker image each time we run CSIT
  • RPM builds are no longer created after Sodium SR?
  • ONAP is creating their own docker from a
    • should look in ONAP code to see how to do the RUN commands with an ODL .zip distro
  • We can store docker images in nexus as well
  • Thanh Ha (zxiiro) knows that LF has an organizational account for dockerhub so we can publish
    there straight from jenkins
  • To create a job in ODL jenkins to create and publish docker images will have to be written from scratch
    but we have some jobs in global-jjb and examples in onap to follow.

  • Still unsure if our new netvirt job count/frequency has reduced any cost, but maybe in the report for
    July we will have a good idea

Action Items