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  • How should we handle releases?
  • ONAP is currently working on their Guilin Release Planning and will be ready in June.
    • Jamo suggested that SR1 would be a good point for alignment. 
    • Dan mentioned that there was not an upgrade to ODL in the Frankfurt release.  They are currently using the Neon release.
    • Jamo suggested adopting Magnesium. 
    • Dan thinks that ONAP will not want to skip over Sodium.
      • Carriers that are using ONAP are using a vendor-supported version of ODL.
      • They tend to lag a little bit
      • Luis noted that perhaps they will have time by June to target the Magnesium which has already been released
      • If they want to stay with Sodium.  It may make sense to use SR3 which will have some important updates. It should be available in 2 weeks.
    • Luis suggested that it is important to try to address the release gap to adopt important feature changes in ODL such as the Java 11 migration. 
      • Abhijit also suggests the move to Magnesium as the delta in Magnesium is comparatively less.
    • Dan we don't import a lot of classes from ODL to make sure there are no issues with incompatibilities that could arise with their own dependencies.
      • Also looking to avoid strict adherence to YANG reference models.
      • Jamo asked how the team was bypassing some core features of ODL
      • Dan explained that they were only really using the MD-SAL portion of ODL.
  • ONAP team is still deciding which release they want to use. Sodium SR2/3.
    • We need to be able to support multiple versions of the release for vendors who are not leveraging the latest release.
    • Jamo suggested we could possibly do an SR4 version of Sodium to better support the ONAP community.
      • Or we can hold the release of SR3 to mid-July?


  • The meeting is currently scheduled for once per month but we could make it every 2 weeks.
  • Dan: It makes sense to keep it monthly at this time.

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