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Table of Contents

Genius Integration and System Test

Code Name

The code name is odl-genius-ui. The integration test code is available under the genius folder of integration repo.


Genius project provides Generic Network Interfaces, Utilities & Services. Any ODL application can use these to achieve interference-free co-existence with other applications using Genius. In the the first phase (ODL-Boron time frame), Genius would provide following modules --

  1. Modules providing a common view of Network interfaces for different services
    • Interface (logical port) Manager
      1. Allows bindings/registration of multiple services to logical ports/interfaces
      2. Ability to plugin different types of southbound protocol renderers
    • Overlay Tunnel Manager
      1. Creates and maintains overlay tunnels between configured TEPs
  2. Modules providing commonly used functions as shared services to avoid duplication of code and waste of resources.
    • Aliveness Monitor
      1. Provides tunnel/nexthop aliveness monitoring services
    • ID Manager
      1. Generates persistent unique integer IDs
    • MD-SAL Utils
      1. Provides common generic APIs for interaction with MD-SAL

Overview & Design Architecture:

Please refer to Genius User Guide and Genius Design doc

Test Topology


  1. Install OVS 2.4 in the CSIT VM
  2. Configuring Tunnels , Interfaces and Id manager is mentioned in respective testing scenarios


  • odl-genius-ui

Upstream Dependencies

Not Applicable

Downstream Dependencies

Not Applicable


Not Applicable

Network Intrusiveness

Not Applicable

Recommended Karaf features

Recommended features for karaf testing:

  • odl-genius-ui

How to test

This feature provides REST to configure the ITM, Interface, ID manager. The tests have to include:


  • sudo ovs-vsctl add-br bridge_name
  • sudo ovs-vsctl set bridge bridge_name protocols=OpenFlow13
  • sudo ovs-vsctl set-controller bridge_name tcp:${CONTROLLER_IP}:6633
  • sudo ifconfig bridge_name up
  • sudo ovs-vsctl add-port bridge_name tap_port -- set Interface tap_port type=tap
  • sudo ovs-vsctl set-manager tcp:${CONTROLLER_IP}:6640

Performance/Scalability Concerns