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  • Releng/builder committers and contributors: Only Anil is looking at this project now. There is no possibility to use super-committer rights in this project. This is a SPOF when releasing the distribution.
    • Casey Cain we need to rethink our organization because many important aspects of the project depend now on only one person (especially kernel projects from Robert Varga ).
    • Robert Varga The main piece of this challenge is to take care of integration, docs, testing, and end-user experience to attract more people.
    • Casey Cain suggested to re-look at the dependencies for ODL (projects, 3rd party), and archive unused dependencies/jobs/projects no longer actively maintained.
    • LFN and the business side of LF should be able to help bring more contributors to ODL. 
  • Helm chart for ODL and needs to sync integration and docs and autorelease projects.
  • Committers for Unimgr: new committers approved

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