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Welcome to Website Refresh

Table of Contents
excludeProject Facts


This project is designed to help facilitate community feedback on the OpenDaylight website refresh.

Project Facts

Project Creation Date:  
Primary Contact: Casey Cain 
Project Lead:  Casey Cain 
Open Bugs: 

Internship Workflow

  • Audit of thee existing website
    • Design
    • Content
      • Relevance: Is the content still relevant and up-to-date?
      • Quality: Is the content well-written and free from errors?
      • Engagement: Does the content engage users and encourage them to spend more time on the site?
      • Broken links or page
    • Navigation
    • Site Structure: Is the site structured in a way that search engines can easily understand and index?
    • User-Friendliness
      • Gather all the information and insights obtained from the audit into a comprehensive report. This report should highlight the current state of the website, the issues discovered, and recommendations for improvement.
  • Define Goals and Objectives
    • Visual Design
      • Needs overhaul
      • Device Rendering support
      • Legible font sizing
      • Site usability
    • Optimization
      • Clear stale content
      • Keyword consistency
    • Site Performance
    • etc
  • Plan Creation 
    • Based on your audit and research, create a plan for the refresh. This should include information architecture (how the site's pages will be organized and linked), a content strategy, a SEO strategy, and a rough idea of the new design.
  • Design
    • Start the design process with wireframes, which are basic sketches of each page's layout. Once approved, these can be turned into more detailed mockups, and then into a final design. The design should be responsive, ensuring it works well on all device sizes.
  • Development
  • Content
  • Testing
    • Once the website is built, it needs to be thoroughly tested. This should include functionality testing, usability testing, performance testing, and testing on a range of devices and browsers.
  • Deployment
    • After testing and final revisions, the website is ready to go live. This should be planned carefully to minimize downtime, and it's often done at a time of day when traffic is low.

Release Notes