Basic Collateral

The OpenDaylight Foundation maintains a set of basic collateral that can be used to deliver or augment a presentation on OpenDaylight. Pointers to the latest of these resources are below:

Last UpdatedTopic/DeckContactDeck
2014OpenDaylight Project OverviewPhil Robb

2018OpenDaylight Slide Template

OpenDaylight Presentations



 TransportPCE, a full open source approach based on OpenDaylight & Open ROADM 



Service Automation Framework 

September 2019
ONS Europe 2019

SDN in the World of Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

Abhijit Kumbhare (Abhijit Kumbhare)


September 2018
ONS Europe 2018

Abhijit Kumbhare (Abhijit Kumbhare)


OpenDaylight Scale


Automating a functional tests suite in ODL


OpenDaylight on etcd 

Michael Vorburger


Michael Vorburger


Technical utilities in in infrautils & genius (Michael Vorburger)

Michael Vorburger


Self Managed Projects

Test Dashboard

Feedback on ODL Netconf


OpenDaylight Update recording


OpenDaylight Update slides


Zoom Day 1 Recording


Zoom Day 2 Recording


S3P Scalability Testing: Status updateMatt Welch


Evolution of a Multi-Organizational Developer Community Within China Panel

Audio Only - Mandarin with brief summaries in English

Kevin Yin


Nitrogen DDF WelcomePhil Robb


OpenFlow Plugin Nitrogen Planning

Abhijit Kumbhare (Abhijit Kumbhare)


Genius Nitrogen Planning & Service binding EnhancementsVivek Srivastava


Service Recovery MechanismsVivek Srivastava


SFC Nitrogen PlanningBrady Johnson


NetVirt Carbon RetrospectiveSam Hague


NetVirt Nitrogen PlanningSam Hague


ODL Neutron Northbound updateIsaku Yamahata


COE Overview & Planning


opendaylight-eclipse-setupMichael Vorburger


Improving Transactions (BUT this session never happened like this)


Networking-VPP: An OpenStack ML2 Driver for VPPIan Wells


Evolution of ODL Network ControlFrancois Lemarchand
Andre Fredette
Frank Brockners


Integration of ODL and FD.ioFrank Brockners


Solving the L3-VPN use cases with Nirvana StackPaul Carver
Thomas Morin
Frank Brockners


SFC with Nirvana StackBrady Johnson
Danny Zhou

OpenFlow User Tutorial

Writing an Application for OpenDaylight

Gaurav Bhagwani
Hema Gopalakrishnan
Manohar SL

SFC TutorialBrady Johnson

OpenDaylight OpenFlow & OVSDB Use Cases

Abhijit Kumbhare
Anil Vishnoi

BGP & PCEP TutorialAjay Chhabria
Ajay Lele
Kevin Wang
Giles Heron

New Features in OpenDaylight BGP-PCEPAjay Chhabria
Ajay Lele
Kevin Wang

Basic Operations for ODL NIC, QoS, Intents and ContributingYrineu Rodrigues

Status Update on OpenStack IntegrationIsaku Yamahata, Mike Kolesnik

OpenDaylight Clustering – What’s new in Boron

Jan Medved
Robert Varga

OpenStack & OpenDaylight Integration for SFCAnil Vishnoi

Adaptive SDN NetworksGaurav Bhagwani
Manohar SL
Harsh Kumar
Sharath Kumar V
D Arunprakash


ODL BGP Use CasesGiles Heron


Building Robust Applications on top of ODL


Carrier Ethernet 2.0 Services in Mobile backhaul networksIoakeim K. Smaras


Supporting Composed SDN Applications and Controller independence with NetIDEAlec Leckey


SFC Composite Use CasesBrady Johnson
Chris Price


OpenDaylight has Oomph!Michael Vorburger

New Netvirt Service Introduction (NetVirt - VPN Service Merge Introduction)Daya Kamath, Vivekanandan Narasimhan, Periyasamy Palanisamy


OpenDaylight Test & Performance


Service assurance and network analyticsBalaji Ethirajulu


Integrating OpenDaylight with OpenStackIsaku Yamahata


South-bound Interface for Programmable Data-plane PanelAnu Mercian


Clustering in OpenDaylightColin Dixon


Fabric as a Service (From ODL Booth)George Zhao


NeXt UI Toolkit (From ODL Booth)Aikepaer AbuduweiliYouTube Video


VPP App Demo (From ODL Booth)Chris MentzYouTube Video


YANG Pub/Sub (From ODL Booth)Alex Clemm

VTN (From ODL Booth)Hideyuki Tai

- 8:30am

User Tutorial: Deploying OpenDaylightDaniel Farrell <>Slides (HTML)

  - 11:00am

User Tutorial: Basic Operations Guide

  - 3:50pm

User Tutorial: OVSDB Network VirtualizationSam Hague <>

  - 2:30pm

Neutron and OpenDaylight: Battle of Titans or Cupid and Psyche?Flavio Fernandes (flaviof) and Armando Migliaccio (armax)

  - 3:50pm

MDSAL-Clustering InternalsMoiz Raja <>

  - 1:30pm

High Performance Continuous Integration

  - 11:00am

UI Testing using Robot and Selenium2LibraryNitin Agarwal <>

  - 1:20pm

OVSDB Developer ForumSam Hague <>

  - 4:15pm

Experiences with Neutron & ODLWojciech Dec <>

  - 11:00 am

Messaging4Transport – Message Oriented Middleware Bindings for MD-SALPradeeban Kathiravelu <>


ODLUG Tokyo #1 Meetup

Message from Neela-san to Tokyo OpenDaylighters

Masashi Kudo <>


OpenDaylight Silicon Valley Meetup

Integration & Test Strategy for Lithium


OpenDaylight Silicon Valley Meetup

OpenDaylight MD-SAL Clustering Explained

Moiz Raja


OpenStack Summit / Liberty Design Summit (Vancouver)

OpenDaylight and OpenStack

Dave NearyOpenDaylight and OpenStack


OpenDaylight Architecture

Ed Warnicke


OpenDaylight Summit

Developing OpenDaylight Apps with MD-SAL

Jan Medved <>, Tony Tkacik <>



I2RS Related/Relevant Yang Models Currently in Use

Robert Varga <>



Interoperability is Key to Accelerating SDN Adoption (ODL overview)

Neela Jacques <>


Whitehall Media SDN London

Required network evolution for SDN/NFV

Nils Swart <>


OpenDaylight HackFest at SDN Japan


中川 幸洋、李 忠翰


OpenDaylight HackFest at SDN Japan




OpenDaylight HackFest at SDN Japan

VTN Managerの内部実装



OpenDaylight Service Function Chaining Use Cases
(SDN OpenFlow World Congress in Dusseldorf)
Abhijit Kumbhare & Vinayak Joshi 


OpenDaylight SDN ControllerSumit AroraOpenDaylight SDN Cotroller

 - 10:00am

Clustering/HAMark Mozolewski <>, Moiz Raja <>, Raghurama Bhat <>

  - 2:30pm

Device Driver FrameworkSteve Dean <>

  - 9:00am

Simplified Net Services APIsRex Pugh <>

  - 4:45pm

Safe Link DiscoveryShaun Wackerly<>

  - 4:45pm

Openflow Hybrid Mode SupportShaun Wackerly<>

  - 1:00pm

PersistenceMark Mozolewski <>

- 10:00am

Lithium ReleaseGeorge Zhao, Ed Warnicke, Colin Dixon, Mathieu LeMey, Robert Varga, An Ho


OpenDaylight MiniSummit

Hydrogen Release

Ed Warnicke < IRC: edwarnicke



Hydrogen Release

Ed Warnicke <> IRC: edwarnicke


IETF Netconf Working GRoup

OpenDaylight Update and Standards Asks

Jan Medved <>


OpenStack Summit (Hong Kong)

OpenDaylight integration with OpenStack

Stephan Baucke <>, Kyle Mestery <>, Anees Shaikh <>, Chris Wright <>


ONF NBI Leadership Roundtable

OpenDaylight Presentation

Jan Medved <>, Anees A Shaikh <>, Reinaldo Penno (repenno) <>


CloudCon Europe 2013

OpenDaylight Controller Presentation

Giovanni Meo <>


MPLS SDN 2013 (isocore)

OpenDaylight Developer Tutorial Presentation

Thomas Nadeau <>, Ken Gray <>, Bhushan Kanekar <>, and Madhu Venguopal <>

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