Welcome to Integration/Test


The purpose of the Integration-Test sub-project is to be the holder for all the system test code and system test tools (test tools that are specific to ODL but not specific to a particular ODL project and do not need to concern themselves with changing internal APIs of an ODL project; such test tools shall be designed to depend only on one project and should live in the project on which they depend) as well as the coordinator and driver for OpenDaylight test efforts.


Clone the Integration/test repository

You can clone the integration/test repository via the commands mentioned below:

git clone ssh://${ODL_USERNAME}@git.opendaylight.org:29418/integration/test.git


git clone https://git.opendaylight.org/gerrit/p/integration/test.git

Test Guides

Test Tools and Reports

Project System Test Reports and Waivers


  • Jamo Luhrsen (jluhrsen@redhat.com / IRC handle: jamoluhrsen)
  • Daniel Farrell (dfarrell@redhat.com / IRC handle: dfarrell07)
  • Vratko Polak (vratko.polak@pantheon.tech / IRC handle: vrpolak)
  • Luis Gomez (ecelgp@gmail.com / IRC handle: LuisGomez)
  • Marcus Williams (marcus.g.williams@gmail.com / IRC handle: mgkwill)
  • Carol Sanders (carol.sanders@brocade.com / IRC handle: catohornet)
  • Nitin Agarwal (nitinagarwal3006@gmail.com / IRC handle: nagarwal)

Project Creation Date:  August 20th 2015
Lifecycle State:  Mature
Type:  Support
Primary Contact:  Jamo Luhrsen (jluhrsen@gmail.com)
Project Lead:  Jamo Luhrsen (jluhrsen@gmail.com)


  • Vratko Polak <vratko.polak@pantheon.tech> IRC handle: vrpolak

IRC:   freenode.net #opendaylight-integration
Mailing List:   int/test  topic of  integration-dev
    Archives:   integration-dev
Meetings:   ODL Integration Meeting

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