Major Features

Genius project provides Generic Network Interfaces, Utilities & Services. Any ODL application can use these to achieve interference-free co-existence with other applications using Genius. OpendayLight Boron Genius provides following modules --

  1. Interface (logical port) Manager allows bindings/registration of multiple services to logical ports/interfaces
  2. Overlay Tunnel Manager creates and maintains overlay tunnels between configured tunnel endpoints
  3. Aliveness Monitor provides tunnel/nexthop aliveness monitoring services
  4. ID Manager generates cluster-wide persistent unique integer IDs
  5. MD-SAL Utils provides common generic APIs for interaction with MD-SAL
  6. Resource Manager provides a resource sharing framework for applications sharing common resources e.g. table-ids, group-ids etc.
  7. FCAPS Application generates various alarms and counters for the different genius modules
  8. FCAPS Framework module collectively fetches all data generated by fcaps application. Any underlying infrastructure can subscribe for its events to have a generic overview of the various alarms and counters

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Target Environment

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Known Issues and Limitations

limited testing was done for fcaps and resource-manager framework

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