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Archive Proposals/Atrium

This document serves as the Archival Proposal for the Atrium project as described in Section 2.3.5 of the Project Lifecycle & Releases document.

Reason for Archiving

The Atrium project hasn’t committed any non-version-bumping code to its repository in the last 18 months. There hasn’t been any project activity on the mailing list either.

As per section 2.3.5, the TSC is initiating a termination review for lack of activity (no commits in the last 18 months).

The email notifying the creation of the proposal received one positive response from a committer; most of the other committers’ email addresses bounced.

Impact on Other Projects, Users, and Communities

Atrium hasn’t participated in any release since Boron; there shouldn’t be any impact on current projects, users, or communities.

Mitigation Strategies

The TSC will attempt to mark wiki pages to clearly show that the project has been archived and the projects git repository will be renamed to archived-atrium at its archived location.

Archive Location

The project will be archived on the OpenDaylight GitHub mirror with the project name changed from atrium to archived-atrium.

TSC Archival Review